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Simplify your project and avoid the hassle of uneven cuts and alignment guesswork. With these ready-made, precision-machined wall panels, you can save time and frustration. Just order the quantity you need, unpack, and effortlessly mount them on your wall.


Our Zig Zag 150° wall panels are designed for both horizontal and vertical installations. They are versatile, serving as eye-catching feature walls, enhancing chimney breasts, or adding depth and texture to any room.


These panels are paint-friendly and you can customise them easily with standard DIY or professional tools. For a secure installation, we recommend using adhesive and screws, ensuring a robust and lasting fixture. Each panel is identical, guaranteeing a seamless appearance when placed side by side. Plus, these panels are perfect for attaching shelves and pictures using appropriately sized fixtures.


Each wall panel measures 40cm in width, 240cm in length, and boasts a 1.2cm thickness, featuring stripes that can run horizontally or vertically—your choice, your style.

Zig Zag 150° Wall Panels 240 X 56 X 1.2

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