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Why Plywood ?

Plywood kitchens are the hottest new trend in kitchen design. Once a unique concept, plywood kitchens have become increasingly popular due to their widespread coverage across social media, home improvement magazines, and television shows. With the beauty and durability of plywood, it's no wonder why more and more people are turning to this stylish and practical option for their home renovation.

At our manufacturing studio, we provide a wide selection of plywood kitchen fronts to suit any style. We offer premium A-grade birch, maple, oak and walnut, each with their own unique grain pattern. Our plywood kitchen doors and drawer fronts are crafted from an 18mm birch ply core, faced with a surface veneer of the wood of your choice. All of our timber is FSC certified and is hand finished with an ultra-fine grit sandpaper, followed by two layers of Saicos hard wax oil, to ensure a durable and water resistant finish that feels natural to the touch.

Plywood is a modern, versatile, and highly durable manufactured sheet building material that is made up of multiple layers of wood veneer bonded together under high pressure. Its unique construction gives it great strength in all directions and minimizes the chances of splitting when nails or screws are used. Compared to the look of traditional solid wood, plywood offers clean lines and simplicity that make it perfect for contemporary style kitchens.


As an "engineered" wood, plywood is part of the manufactured board category and is one of the few materials that can be used raw, offering an honest and natural look. It is also a renewable resource product, making it a more eco-friendly material than many other options. In addition, due to its bonded construction, plywood is also more resistant to moisture than other sheet materials such as particleboard. This means that a burst pipe won't ruin your investment. Plywood is also more durable for screw fixings since it won't degrade over time in the same way that particleboard does. This makes it the perfect material for any project that requires strength and durability. As a result, many people choose to use plywood for their interior projects instead of other sheet materials due to its superior quality and longevity.

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