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Save both time and money with these precision-machined wall panels. Our V Groove wall panels are perfect for achieving that timeless tongue and groove look, ideal stunning aesthetic.


Available in moisture-resistant MDF for kitchens and bathrooms or matte black MDF for a sleek look. Ideal for feature walls, enhancing chimney breasts, or adding texture to any room. Simply order, unpack, and attach to your wall. A coat of paint is all you need to transform your space.


Easily customise with DIY or professional tools. For a secure fit, use adhesive and screws. Each panel is identical for a seamless look, and you can mount them vertically or horizontally. They're also perfect for shelves and pictures.


Each panel is 40cm wide, 240cm long, and 1cm thick, with stripes that can run horizontally or vertically—your choice, your style. 

'V' Groove Wall Panels 240 X 60 X 0.9

SKU: 364215375135191
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