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Save yourself the hassle of hours spent cutting and trying to align them by eye – opt for these pre-made, precision-machined wall panels. All it takes is ordering the desired quantity, unpacking them and effortlessly mounting them on your wall.


These panels are versatile, making them the perfect choice for creating captivating feature walls or adding depth and texture to any room.


These wall panels are compatible with nearly any paint system and you can easily customize these panels by cutting, trimming, sanding, or drilling them with standard DIY or professional tools. For a sturdy installation, we recommend securing them with adhesive and screws, ensuring a robust and long-lasting fixture.


Each panel is identical, ensuring a seamless appearance when placed side by side. Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal mounting, it's up to you. Plus, these panels are still suitable for attaching shelves and pictures using correctly sized fixtures.


Each wall panel measures 56cm in width, 240cm in length, and is 1.2cm thick, featuring stripes that can run either horizontally or vertically – the choice is yours. Effortlessly transform your space with these versatile Wall Panels.

Deep Fluted Wall Panels 240 X 56 X 1.2

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